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What Brought Me Here Originally/The First Meet
Posted:Jun 10, 2021 10:30 pm
Last Updated:Jun 11, 2021 2:33 pm
Over a decade ago --- I first came to this site. It's hard to believe it has been that long -- but it has. My reason for coming here was never to meet anyone for sex; hook ups; meets of any kind. I always attracted that naturally, anywhere and everywhere -- easily. I had other goals at that time. I came here for work purposes. At that time I ran a hotel. It was soft during the week --- and I had a target audience I was figuring out how to connect with.

It was an older hotel, quite unique -- in another state than the state I now live in. This hotel was added onto and added onto -- 4 builds. It had outside rooms and inside rooms. She was a pretty old property. Newer hotels were getting most of the corporate business. I was getting construction workers. I was frustrated with all the stuff they dragged in to.. hallways, what a mess.

Long story short I basically word of mouth told people of a swing dancing rate I discovered "this hotel" had. It was my hotel. It worked. I set the rate based on occupancy levels. It made them the place to go --- still today from what I hear..

I can remember the Sales Manager looking at the people asking for that rate and looking at me raising his eyebrow... Women tended to dress really sexy. "Those dancers, I swear.. " is what I'd say laughing as I went back to my office. He came in and sat down a couple weeks later -- "They are not dancers.. " I smiled and looked at him. "They'll tell you they are, otherwise no good rate. Randy -- just call them swingers. " He said, "I KNEW IT!" and off we went to sit in the bar for the rest of the day ---- I got a lot of work done there. It turned into my new place to go to work. ( Less interruptions' )

Yet on the site -- I had to write a profile. I had to get the word out. I had to spend time there. So, I came to the blogs and I wrote. My original name was MysteriesofMe. I'd write -- experiences. I'd write fantasies. I'd not tell which was which. I'd post bits and pieces of me. I'd flirt. I'd tease. I'd be me -- since "me" basically was work 24/7. I picked a hotel to run with a waterpark and arcade. My daughters loved being there versus home. They are all mid twenties now. They had an Italian restaurant -- they could have whatever they wanted --- play video games -- go swimming -- play in the atrium. They even had bowling, mini golf. They could also have a room if they felt like just watching TV, HBO or Movies. "Can we sleep over, Mom?" they'd beg, all the time. My boss the owner always said -- "WELL OF COURSE YOU CAN." ( It meant I'd not be going home. ) They eventually got bored with it and didn't ask to go anymore.

Before I left that hotel I did use the site for it's proper purpose. There was a business man who's business was within walking distance. He used one of our many conference rooms on a regular basis. He liked debating rates -- a lot. Basically, it was flirting. He'd offer to pay more for it, undressing me with his eyes. It went back and forth. It was delicious business. The man was very attractive and man was there chemistry. Yet --- I wouldn't mix business and pleasure. I wasn't as fun as the rest of the staff was. ( They encouraged it in ways.. I wouldn't of been fired. Yet, I had a reputation in the industry. I didn't want to change that. )

That night though -- we had been drinking and oh was I hot and bothered. He left an open invitation and told me he'd be in his office wrapping up a few things. He hoped I'd stop by. I watched him walk out. That muscular, perfection of a man --- "CHECK!!" I went to my office and paced. I think that was the only time I slammed my door to not be interrupted by my staff. I was trying to calm and just go home. I was on fire. I wanted that business man. BAD. There was talk about blowjobs... I could masturbate, take care of myself just fine. I didn't want that though. I wanted to give a blowjob.

I found myself looking at occupancy. I knew what I was doing. I was thinking, "Could I put a room out of order for the night?" I -- at first told myself a cold shower would be nice. Then I remembered the site and thought emails for sure would do the trick. The majority of the time ---- it's a place to be turned off. For me -- anyhow. I just didn't or couldn't fathom how anyone could meet a stranger for sex. It screamed std's to me. IF NOT WORSE. ( over ten years ago )

That's when it happened. "Maybe I should try it and then see what it's about. " the thought. So -- I put up a status of demands. I had asked for someone local -- available within 15 minutes of "hotel". I told them it would be for a blowjob -- without names, numbers, etc. There would be nothing else. They'd show up -- undo their pants... enjoy and then leave. I'd remain dressed. I told them to enclose a photo of their cock -- and I'd pick one from the first ten emails I received.

I sat back expecting crickets. My jaw dropped. I had like 23 at the next refresh. I think I picked the first one I opened. I liked the photo of the cock. PERFECT. I told him he was chosen -- he was to go to the front desk and ask for the key left for him. I told him his name. ( I made it up- whatever it was.. ) I told him he was to take the key then drive around to the south side of hotel -- it was an outside access room. I'd be in the room, waiting.. ( the room would be on the key )

I didn't go to the room. I did step up to the front desk and advise that "so and so" was coming to get a key. To put the room out of order for the night and to make sure housekeeping would clean it in the am. I went back to my office.

My office had video of most of the building... at my desk.

I wasn't sure he'd show. He showed within 15 minutes. I was impressed. I watched him. He was nervous. ( yummy. ) He did as I instructed. They directed him to the room. He thanked them. "Good boy.. " and by then I was standing, smiling and walking out into the hall in back -- to another hall -- to the outside and right into the room.

He came in and I told him to make sure to follow my instructions to the letter or he'd not get what he came for ---- and motioned to zip the lips. I put a pillow on the floor and dropped to my knees. Mmm. It was a great experience. He was in a daze by the time it was over; looking at me like he won the lottery. He looked like a woman in love.

I made myself comfortable in the bed and told him to feel free to take a shower. He looked a tad hot - giggling. He stepped into the restroom. I got up quietly -- out the door. I heard him just come out as I closed the outside door and I thought -- oh crap, not enough time. So I used my Master key and let myself in the neighboring door. I watched him go out into the parking lot and look both ways trying to see where I went. I was quietly pulling and holding the door. It wasn't fully closed, I knew it would make this CLICK sound. Then I looked behind me, praying I didn't walk into an occupied room!!! It was vacant. THANK GOD. It was dark to begin with. No cars.. It could of been rented for all I knew. People could of been sleeping - I didn't have my computer with me to check --- I saw him go back in the room and I quietly let myself back out. I made my way back inside the hotel, into my office. "SAFE." My desk chair was never so comfortable.

I watched him come in and ask if they saw me. The staff asked for my name so they could call the room --- or to see if I checked in. They had no clue who he was talking about. And --- he didn't know my name. He thought and advised it was the one that set up the room. He provided the room number. He asked if a number had been left. They advised the hotel manager set it up. I think I had a little of an oh shit there --- I didn't double check the manager's work. He could of put in that I had requested it.

He didn't. It was in under his name. I had confirmed that before they got in to look. If it was my name, their phone would of rung and they'd of seen it was me. They'd of answered it first. ( I trained the staff. )

He advised them not to worry and left the lobby. He went back to the room. I wondered what I'd do if he stayed in the room --- he went back in but hadn't of left yet. So I did some work and told myself he had until I was done --- or I'd have my assistant go see him out. He was done by then though -- he took a shower. He left. He emailed a couple of times --- I didn't respond, until the third. I reminded him of the conditions of our agreement. There would be no more.

There wouldn't be drinks with that business man, either.

I still occasionally write: "TALES FROM THE CLIT" -- on occasion. Or Fantasies. I'll pretty much tell which is which now. Not always ---

Yet I have found -- the easiest way to have a fantasy experience, ladies --- is to write what you want. MAN -- will fulfill it. We aren't talking life relationships/marriage/goals here though --- but --- sometimes that just happens.

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the joy stick
Posted:Jun 9, 2021 9:13 am
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2021 9:01 pm

Getting to know you
Getting to know all about you..

images of weaving rope around your body
Getting to like you
Getting to hope you like me..

images of hands
hands full
of liquid; you
images of eyes
as they look playfully at yours
yours; all serious
by deep breaths
subsiding to calm
as my hands slow down
to a stop
your eyes
dropped down
and rose up
and rose up
with breathing
my body
your eyes
are almost
with please
for more
of the rollercoaster
that emotional build
that rise to the top
that oh please
don't let it drop, back
that want
for the climax
the coast down
full of wind through the hair
the rush
the trembling rush
as rollercoasters
become logs on water
and that final splash comes
and you lay drenched
in a puddle
of yes
and Yum

I never rush
for the ride to be done
I like the extreme
seeing how many licks
it can take
to get to the center
of the tootsies- pop

I like getting there
and getting there
like a game of how close can you get
before you touch
before --- it becomes. unstoppable
how my body will tremble and shake
how my orgasms will quake
and roll and wave

My Ocean Orgasm
is what I desire

Defined: an orgasm that hits in waves, long after actions have stopped

After it---
I'll make my way to the shower
and with the waters touch
flowing over my clit
I squirt; another orgasm
it's intoxicating
No words
Posted:Jun 8, 2021 1:54 pm
Last Updated:Jun 9, 2021 6:53 am

Paint me
with a rose
a Soft
Fruity not Flowery

Play -- -- --
Loves me
Loves me Knots
with every petal
use invisible strings

every curve
and let my thoughts, linger
and want
all sorts
of things

Make me all nice
WET - and warm

Massage my brain
with your actions

In return,
I promise
a reaction.
It's inevitable
and touch
I moan

I don't even need you here
It happens, as good; alone
as I hold thoughts; of you
of directions;
given -
and taken!

I smell coconut
I hear liquid
not fools gold
or Texas tea;
it's more electric
until it rains
amongst laughter
and rhythm

you don't need words
if its a dance you know
you are already there

now it reminds me
of the the tango
shall we dance?
oh yes we shall
Posted:Jun 2, 2021 6:15 pm
Last Updated:Jun 9, 2021 6:52 am

"Every wicked thought I had of him clung like the dark whimpers lingering on our bed sheets. I couldn't get enough of them, and neither could the walls watching on with glazed eyes." Ann Marie Eleazer

Chewing on Taboo ( Tales From the Clit )
Posted:May 30, 2021 2:05 pm
Last Updated:May 30, 2021 3:41 pm

I found myself chewing on a subject like I did in my early twenties. It was somewhat delightful and arousing put myself in those shoes. That's when the subject did a U-Turn. I found myself wondering if this is why Taboo-ish things arouse .

Back in my twenties I was working as a night auditor at a hotel. I was pretty prudish. I almost thru my first husband out for bringing a porn magazine in my house. Seriously.

I found myself restrained by a situation. In invisible chains. See this young girl kept propping the outside door open and letting various men in. She had activity all night long. Then this group of gang bangers would come with fast food. Bags and bags of fast food. They'd give the girl a burger and take the rest upstairs. She'd stay in the lobby and pick apart that burger - savoring every piece of it and making it last as long as she could. She'd help herself to the condiments from the breakfast bar to add to it. Jelly on the buns..

I had a whole lot of emotions. Anger -- the bangers had bags of food for themselves.. she had track marks on her arms..

The situation went on and on. Police had them under surveillance.

I did as advised but I made it no secret what I thought of the pimps. I made their lives as difficult as I could by doing my job. One actually looked at the employees of the month display behind me and my name tag and grinned those metal teeth at me. ( Yes, he had my last name now. Well my last name, I had a different last name. I got married. ) He even followed me home a few times -- or tried . I lost them every time.

Yet I chewed on what it was like be in her shoes. I even spent the night writing a fantasy that was inspired by her. I wrote of the situation and them all being arrested as they finally were. I wrote of going up look at the room, which I did. I wrote of what I saw and that there was a man that came the room while I was in it. The story went from there. My curiosity's played along with her role so I could find out what I could and then my anger came out as I flipped the script and used blackmail to make him my . I got so carried away I almost didn't get breakfast out on time for the guests. Laughs

It was one of my first sexual fantasies. The one that got me to role play it. A few times. Once with a friend/lover. It just wasn't close to the situation. Then with a fan of mine here... I had absolutely no interest in him.. I had absolutely no attraction to him.. he though was very smitten and very into me. So I decided to go to the darkside and take a midnight swim.

I advised him that I was moving. I wasn't. I told him the contract. He could come over, meat me. That would be that though. Nothing more. I told him that I did not feel the same for him. I told him I'd be with him physically but after that all conversations would be over. There was no staying in touch cyberly after. There would be no phone calls. He agreed. He even urged me to reach out if I ever changed my mind. I reaffirmed I wouldn't change my mind.

When he came over, again, zero attraction. He wasn't ugly or overweight. He was a nice guy. A guy struggling financially, divorced; a father. He was older than me. I was much older at this time versus my age at the hotel. I'd say it was even half a decade after I first explored this with a friend. My friend had brought me things as payment. I had requested a tie from the friends I explored it with. I explored it with lovers and this man. I still like receive them. ( What guy doesn't have one he doesn't like or wear anymore. I intend make a quilt of them one day. keep warm in my golden .. )

I invited him in. The man was shaking. He couldn't talk barely. His mind was blown that he was even there. I found myself aroused by that. I recall, undoing my top slowly as I said: "You won't mind if I do this then.. "

I found myself considering the man may have a heart attac. so I calmed him. There really was no calming him.. so I told him to touch me until his hands stopped shaking.. to my surprise he reached out and massaged my breasts. I closed me eyes and chewed on taboo.

I eventually asked him if his dick was hard. I had concerns he'd be to nervous. He was quick with a, "Yes Ma'am". I responded with a "Show me." I stepped back loving his nervousness. I enjoyed that all over the place. I even got rough a few times, slapped him.

I took him to my bedroom. He undressed. I cringed. The man wore his house keys around his neck, he'd lose them if he didn't. It wasn't like one key -- it was like -- a big set of keys. He was frail chested. He's lucky he looked like he showered -- otherwise, he would of been taking one. ( Probably forcefully )

I told him to put the condom on. To date, I have never put one on, myself. I enjoy watching a man do it. It's like saying, please, to me.

I told him he could keep the keys on his nec I really hated them but it was all about the experience. I wanted hate it. I found myself enjoying controlling him with words. "Is that all you got?" "Harder." "HARDER." At one point I flipped him his back and got on top and got rough. I even took him in my ass. Gripped him nice and tight to and pulled trying to keep him in. Oh how he loved that.. such a rebel yell.

I didn't orgasm though. Until after he left. He kept looking at like he saw a unicorn. He did email. I didn't respond. Finally after a few he ended it with a poem he wrote about that day. He called it the sunset. It was a beautiful poem.
The emotions fit the fantasy I had all those though.

I found myself in another story chewing, today. Perhaps I should write that too.

Yet I found myself chewing on if this could be why tabooish things turn on.

I found myself wondering if my traumatic experience as a youth brought this about too. To make okay with it. Or if others words over the colored it. They saw it as a one night stand. Ignorance. Sure the event was a one time thing but the cat and mouse was a ten year thing. Before and After. It started at 6.

Okay here we go going dark again. I was painting a one night stand for them experience... hmmmmm... any masochists want explore that one??? giggling
The Playhouses Treehouse
Posted:May 29, 2021 1:36 pm
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2021 8:56 am

The Playhouse is the name for our home. We decided that instead of putting thousands into vacations; we'd put it in our home and make it -- the vacation. We intend to make rooms, theme rooms. It's been in process for many years now. Some rooms exist. Some rooms change. It seems to always fluctuate, like us.

There are inside rooms. There are outside rooms. We work towards the end product and shifts have happened. Another, recently, each time it happens such excitement that the end is getting closer. Friends help. Friends can use the playhouse they help with.

Lately another realization has . Our home sometimes accommodates my roots and their roots. It puts this halt on our plans. It restrains us. So, it has entered a need into the plans. So they've adapted.

I know see a path. It started with a drive to the house. An area very city -- a driveway -- of the car now, heading to the back 40 as we it. It's this magical place where the city disappears and the woods become reality. Natures silence accommodated by animals scampering. A breeze comes up the ravine and the city just washes away. The smell of honeysuckle and lilacs help.

My eyes open to see the future fence of the Prayer Garden/Pet Cemetery/Chessboard. Now in the corner, something new exists. We had plans for a greenhouse/massage room/winter storage. Either it moved or another build is in play. It's a faux treehouse. It's raised so you can store it or have a swing or a bed swing it.

There's a step like ladder leading up to it. It's the perfect line between the two. You can walk up like stairs but it looks more like a ladder. The many windows pop so fresh air can come in. Screens seemed stapled underneath the window to try to minimize bugs. Along the inside curtain poles are hung for privacy.

The ceiling you can see through. You can lay in the bed and watch the leaves or the rain. I love the rain. Storms especially --- oh to make love and spend intimate moments -- there.

The inside is adaptable. A bed. A table and chairs for games. A nook for reading and knowing the other two --- suspension and restraint possibilities. Definitely a place for quality time.

And now I see them using it when they visit. ***cries. ***laughs

I suppose that's what happens when you make your home a vacation.

It'll be called the sex room -- just watch. Where anyone here goes to get away and have sex.
A game within a game
Posted:May 27, 2021 12:04 pm
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2021 3:39 pm

Today we are meeting friends and going disc golf. Now new to the sport so currently to make fun for , I create a new game go along with the game. It's called: Princess's Rules.

Todays rules to win the necklace I made to win.

From the time the first disc is thrown until the last disc is thrown --
Whoever takes the most naughty photos wins.

Naughty doesn't need to be naked.
Naked is naughty though ---

It is always crowded at the time and place we are going.
It'll make it challenging.
You'll want to be stealthy as possible so you can win. If others see you taking pictures they'll be reminded to...

If you aren't ready to throw, I will have to add a new rule that penalizes .

Today's necklace I'll post later. I chose the belt necklace I made. I figured what better than a mans belt buckle, restrained... in chain.

The winner can enter it into another game of naughty disc golf or keep it forever... They just must show everyone before the game starts to let the others know it is up for grabs again.

Song of Post: "One More Night: by Maroon 5"

Update: I won -- but I gave the prize to the shy one who didn't take any photos. Told her if she brought it to any game we in the future we can do again.

More photos from this day.



She said we were going to the woods to be naughty.
It's Official My Panties Are Wet ( Her )
Posted:Jul 2, 2019 6:51 am
Last Updated:May 31, 2021 2:49 am
I don't get excited much these days. And I'm officially excited. I'm coming out of retirement -- after my last relationship break up oh probably 2 years ago ( Not with my husband with my other partner, I'm Poly ) and then with my husbands medical issues, surgery -- etc ( Bladder Cancer ) I've been pretty much, not meeting anyone.

Hubby is back to his normal self, he's even courting a new woman he can explore his Sadistic side with. So I figured I better get some distractions and start meeting new people; possibilities as well.

I've engaged with 5 individuals and a few have my interests. One in particular who is looking for one Mistress and he is bisexual. He's even gotten me to contact former submissives ( who emailed and are game ) to fulfill his desires.

is what has me wet. MFM with 2 bisexual males...… . .. .

cock sucking males. oh fuck 'll tease me beyond belief.

Things are going to get interesting. Quick.

( Others are writing.. )

I swear me being aroused gets me like 20 new friends.

butt Princess does love her dolls.
The Ghost of Myself
Posted:Mar 12, 2019 8:07 pm
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2021 3:40 pm
I just love feeling
of my clothes
leaving my skin
gently following my form
on their journey
their fall
to the floor

how my eyes open in moment
how I smile
and how I know then
it is time to move forward
to take step
into the marble
as the mist
almost tells me in a whisper
to close my eyes
to make a wish
I step in to the hot water
with my dreams
joining amongst the drops
as it cleanses me
and shows me
what it does

I take to the chore
of washing my hair
my skin
feeling it remove the soap
as lovers removed many a negligee
I even, giggle and move away
playfully, almost feeling those kisses
upon my shoulders
hold such passionate promises....
and I ran into a friend there
oh you boys do like 2 girls
it was a girl. a woman
and oh how the water brought my attention
to her form... her belly
her sexual -- healing
between those legs
so wet, so warm ---
how her laughter just echo'd
deep within my core
as she reminded me
of something I had forgotten
in a mischievous kiss
a deep, playful kiss

she reminded me of marathon sex
INTENSE, marathon sex
how without realizing it, I feel
perhaps, I clenched
those worked out areas
until I was where I was
In the shower
how ---
the hot water
caused this full release
as I'd let go
and become this cat
on a hot tin roof
grabbing onto walls
slippery walls
unable to hold on to anything
and I'd squirt
release fully
the water
bringing the final orgasm of the night
and I'd giggle to myself
as I'd stand in the water
being cleansed, smiling
like I did tonight
when I met,
the ghost of myself

written by Her

Posted:Feb 1, 2019 1:19 pm
Last Updated:Jul 1, 2019 12:27 pm
"FANTASY" will be a new series of posts. Interactions often inspire fantasies and as I come out of retirement so to say I think it will be fun to chronicle for if I come attached to a fantasy I will make it a reality. Most are fleeting moments though. Like this one.

He said he won't apologize for my teasing video to have aroused him.

And a smile came to my face. The knowledge---
That, if, I wanted him to apologize for that -- he would be.

And just like that I began painting the fantasy in. I was in my basement again. I finally got that big screen television put in and that teasing video was playing and I heard leather and chains. Although I rarely use restraints. I like ---- invisible ones; Actions and seeds developing and growing atmospheres... and I was enjoying. This man on his knees, masturbating as he apologized over and over again to me in his actions. It was this plead of a beg asking me for permission to cum..

And now endlessly entertained by chewing on just what I did to get him to that point.

Those sounds of leather and chains to make me aware I wasn't alone there. I mean more than this one on his knees were present. I'd wager it was my girls; my submissives.. and I know they had a hand in whatever it was...

Written by Her
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